Unlike most plumbing companies, Valley Plumbing has the expertise and equipment to excavate areas for our residential and commercial customers. This enables us to easily make sewer, water line, and other buried line repairs.

Our excavation services include digging down to the affected line, repairing or replacing the damaged section, and making necessary connections. When practical, we add outside clean-outs that make it easier to access the line in the future. for future ease in accessing the sewer line.

In addition to repairs, Valley Plumbing installs new hook-ups to city sewers and/or to water lines. We can handle all aspects of the project with the owner and the city to ensure complete and proper installation and connection.

Water Lines

Valley Plumbing has many years experience offering water line excavation and repair services.

Underground water line breaks are disruptive, damaging, and often require immediate repair. Valley Plumbing owns the needed equipment and maintains a fully stocked warehouse of pipe and other parts which allows usto quickly respond to these types of emergencies 24/7.

Sewer/Gas Lines

At Valley Plumbing, our staff can help you with any sewer or gas problem you may have. We can inspect your current sewer system to evaluate its condition and make sure things are functioning properly.

You should NEVER try to repair a gas line, fuel line or a gas line leak on your own. As a safety precaution, mercaptan (a sulfur-like odor) is added to natural gas to easily recognize a  gas leak.

If you smell this strong gas smell in your home or business, call 911 immediately! After the gas is shut off and everyone is safe, Valley Plumbing can fix the problem and ensure your line and building are safe.

French Drains

Water damage can cause standing water, flooding and other damage to your home or business. A French drain is a popular solution to route the water away from your structure. 

French drains, sometimes called land drains, drain tiles or perimeter drains, are commonly installed in a trench around the base of a home’s foundation to control groundwater problems and prevent water from leaking into a basement or crawl space. A french drain consists of perforated hollow pipe encased in gravel that is too large to fit through the perforated holes but small and dense enough to prevent surrounding soil from clogging the pipe. Dirt is filled in around the gravel so that groundwater can trickle into the pipe and be diverted to another location.

Valley Plumbing can address the issues that allow water to seep into your house. Make sure these issues are fixed correctly to prevent future damage. 

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Don’t dig up yard and destroy beautiful landscaping when slow or stopped up drains create a problem. Perma-Liners help your drains stay clearer longer and enhances the life of your pipes.

It’s cleaner, longer lasting, and environmentally friendly!

Protect your pipes and your landscape!

  • Restore cracked pipes
  • Stop infiltration
  • Prevent root intrusion
  • Minimize cleaning costs
  • Increase host pipe life

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